Yashar Pourrahimian, PhD, PEng

Assistant Professor
School of Mining Engineering
University of Alberta
6-243 Donadeo Innovation Cntr for Engineering
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6G 1H9
Phone: (780) 492-5144
Email: yashar.pourrahimian@ualberta.ca 
Personal website:http://www.ualberta.ca/~pourrahi/Yashar.htm

Research Interests and Research Currently in Progress

Mine Planning and Optimization

Planning and production scheduling of any mining system has an enormous effect on the operation’s economics. Relying only on manual planning methods or computer software that is based on heuristic algorithms will lead to mine schedules that are not the optimal global solution. Improvements in computing power and scheduling algorithms over the past years have allowed planning engineers to develop models to schedule even more complex mining systems. Consequently, it is now possible to formulate mathematical models that capture the essential components of a selected mining method to generate a robust, practical, near-optimal schedule.

Underground mining methods are characterized by complex decision combinations, conflicting goals and interaction between production constraints. Current practice in underground-mine scheduling has tended toward using simulation and heuristic software to determine feasible, rather than optimal, schedules.

My research in the area of mine planning and optimization focuses on:

  • Optimization in surface mine design and planning using operation research methods
    • Long-term, medium-term, and short-term                                                     
  • Optimization in underground mine design and planning using operation research methods
    • Mathematical programming for sequence optimization
    • Mathematical programming for stope boundaries optimization
  • Simulation optimization of mining systems
  • Application of the real options in engineering design and decision making

Rock and Soil Grouting

Grouting is a widely used method for strengthening and sealing rock, soil and concrete. Grouting is the injection of pumpable fluid materials under pressure into a soil or rock formation to change the physical characteristics of the formation. Civil and mining underground structures can be located completely in soil, rock, or in both soil and rock. Grouting techniques vary from project to project as dictated by the subsurface conditions and project objectives. These techniques can be used to modify the ground surrounding the underground structure being constructed and to filling voids between the initial support system and the excavated ground surface.

My research in the area of grouting focuses on:

  • Design and optimization of grouting system
  • Prediction of grout penetration radius and its distribution into jointed rock masses and soils