Geotechnical & Geoenvironmental

Focusing on resource engineering, our program offers a number of courses unique to the University and to Canada. Our students benefit from having the best laboratory facilities in Canada, including the most comprehensive cold room facilities in the world and the multi-million dollar Oil Sands Tailings Research Facility.

Geotechnical engineers have a specialized knowledge of the properties and behavior of soils and rock. Working as a geotechnical engineer, you might be involved in the design of the foundation for a high-rise office tower, analyze the stability of a slope or fill, or predict the forces acting on the lining of a subway tunnel.

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Career opportunities:

  • Field and laboratory testing
  • Oil sands policy making
  • Disaster management and evaluation
  • Designing earthworks
  • Foundation design
  • Mining operations

Areas of specialization

  • Dams and slopes
  • Engineering geology
  • Geoenvironmental engineering
  • Mine wastes
  • Numerical modeling
  • Petroleum geomechanics
  • Rock engineering
  • Site engineering
  • Tunnels



Dr. Alireza Bayat

Dr. Nicholas Beier

Dr. Rick Chalaturnyk

Dr. Dave Chan

Dr. Lijun Deng

Dr. Michael Hendry

Dr. Derek Martin

Dr. Ania Ulrich

Dr. Ward Wilson