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  1. ASTech award recognizes research to treat and reclaim oil sands process-affected water

    Environmental engineering professor Mohamed Gamal El Din wins prestigious ASTech award

  2. Portrait of the student as an agent for social good

    Engineers Without Borders placement opens doors for civil student

  3. Summer research jobs give students a taste of real-world R and D

    Engineering udnergrads take on research roles

  4. Meet NSERC Undergraduate Researchers

    We caught up with Victoria Thomsen and Brynn Murphy, two NSERC undergraduate student researchers, to talk about their work.

  5. UAlberta engineering professors earn top national honours

    Engineering professors elected as Fellows in the Canadian Academy of Engineering

  6. Creative sentencing project will enhance worker safety

    Court order brings university expertise to focus on workplace safety

  7. UAlberta petroleum engineering ranked fifth in the world

    Petroleum engineering and mining engineering programs ranked highly in separate international rankings

  8. Research partnership to transform Mexico’s hydrocarbon sector

    UAlberta awarded $14 million for research collaborations to improve cross-continent energy sustainability.

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