Japan Trivedi, PhD

Associate Professor
6-289 Donadeo Innovation Cntr for Engineering
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6G 1H9
Phone: (780) 492-1247
E-mail: jtrivedi@ualberta.ca
Personal website: http://japtrivedi.wix.com/jtrivedi

Research Interests

Understanding of diffusion/dispersion phenomenon into the matrix-fracture systems and its quantification

  • CO2 and flue gas sequestration and tertiary oil recovery
  • Optimality of CO2 storage process into oil fields using numerical modeling. Optimum injection strategies for maximum oil recovery and maximum CO2 storage.

Flow visualization in fracture network micro-models

  • Effect of water during CO2 flooding, CO2 soaking (huff-n-puff) on oil recovery
  • Phase behavior and light/heavy oil extraction using gas, liquid, and supercritical CO2
  • Gas diffusion (molecular, thermal, and pressure) in multi-component mixtures and porous media
  • Chemical OER
  • Assisted history matching