Professor wins teaching award

With only a few years of teaching under her belt, Dr. Ania Ulrich, an assistant professor with the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering has definitely struck the right chord with her undergraduate students.

So, when Ulrich received notification that she was the recipient of this year’s Faculty of Engineering Undergraduate Teaching Award, she was genuinely shocked.

“I was so excited, surprised and touched, especially since I thought I had no chance,” said Ulrich. “I still remember how busy life is as an undergrad student, so I was extremely touched that the students took time out of their busy schedules to nominate me.”

The undergraduate teaching award recipient is nominated by students and is recognized for their excellence in teaching. Ulrich says it’s her passion and drive for environmental engineering that helps her in not just being a good teacher, but one that believes in making difference.

“I love the challenge of teaching students new concepts and the privilege of being in a position to inspire up and coming engineers,” says Ulrich. “I want to get students excited about their lives and how they can contribute to society in a positive way. I always remind my students to pick something they love and are good at, because then they will go far in life,” she says.

For Ulrich, teaching is not just standing in front of the class and giving a lecture. Ulrich’s students inspire her, provide her with energy, and hope for the future.

“Receiving positive feedback in a tangible award makes all your hard work worth it. There are many outstanding teachers in Engineering that I highly respect and want to emulate. This award makes me think that maybe I have what it takes to get there.”