Scholarships, Awards & Financial

The Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research offers a variety of financial assistance and funding opportunities through the University of Alberta. For a complete list of funding sources and award information click here.

Financial Assistance - Department Funding

Financial assistance available through the Department includes (but is not limited to) a number of graduate assistantships for students enrolled in thesis-based degrees. MSc and PhD students may be eligible for teaching or research assistantships of approximately $1250 a month. These students are expected to assist in teaching or research for up to 12 hours per week. MSc students may receive financial assistance for a maximum of 18 months while PhD students may be supported up to three years. Students are encouraged to apply for scholarships because these will relieve them from teaching or supplemental research duties. Assistantships are available to both Canadian and foreign students.

Emergency Aid Programs

Supplementary Bursaries and Emergency Funding: Contact Student Connect at 780 492 3113, visit them online or in person in the Administration building.